``The difficulty for Republicans is that they need eight votes in the Senate to pass an omnibus spending bill, which will fund the government until October. Needing eight Democratic votes in the Senate is basically akin to needing all Democrats, as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) will have to sign off on the bill. And if Schumer has to give the deal his blessing, it's tough for Republicans to get much.

One flashpoint is the border wall. Trump and Republicans want at least some money toward the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, but according to aides with knowledge of the negotiations, Democrats aren't willing to give much ― if anything.


Almost every lawmaker concedes they are going to blow through the Budget Control Act spending caps Congress set in 2011. The question is by how much and for what priorities. Republicans would like to add substantial money to defense. But the traditional agreement between Republicans and Democrats in Washington has been that, for every dollar of defense spending above the caps, non-defense priorities get a dollar too.


The White House understands that failure to fund the government looks far worse for Republicans ― who control every lever of the federal government ― than it does for Democrats. And the last thing the GOP needs amid its inability to pass a health care bill is another reminder that they have difficulty governing. Voters may get a reminder anyway, as the few legislative days before a government shutdown on April 29 could lead Congress to pass a short-term continuing resolution for, say, one week.

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