Moreover, statistics in Sweden do not back Mr. Trump's claims. Preliminary data released last month by Sweden's crime prevention council found no significant increase in crimes from 2015, when the country processed a record 163,000 asylum applications, to 2016. The council did note an increase in assaults and rapes last year, but it also recorded a drop in thefts and drug offenses.

Officials say they have not seen any evidence for the claim, prevalent in right-wing news outlets like Breitbart and Infowars, that migration has driven a major surge in crime. The government has not provided a breakdown of crime statistics according to the ethnic or national background of suspects since 2005, although one right-wing party has called on the government to provide updated statistics.

Manne Gerell, a doctoral student in criminology at Malmo University, said in an interview that immigrants were disproportionately represented among suspects in crimes, particularly in more serious and violent offenses. But he also noted that many of the victims were other immigrants, whether members of criminal networks or simply residents of poor neighborhoods.


Although terrorism is a concern for Sweden -- an Iraqi-born Swede blew himself up in central Stockholm in 2010 -- the authorities say they are equally worried about racist hate crimes, including attacks on migrants.


Carl Bildt, a former prime minister and foreign minister of Sweden, made a jab at Mr. Trump on Twitter: "Just a piece of friendly advice: when you are in a hole, stop digging."

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