Trump has stuffed his administration with so many Goldman Sachs progeny that his administration is now regularly referred to as Government Sachs. Goldman Sachs has a unique vested interest in repealing chunks of Dodd-Frank while making sure that the Glass-Steagall Act is not reinstated. That's because when it comes to derivatives, Goldman Sachs is keeping a lot of secrets.

... it has a miniscule asset base compared to the big guns on Wall Street but it's attempting to play in the big leagues in terms of derivatives. As the chart above shows, Goldman Sachs is the third largest holder of derivatives on Wall Street with $45.48 trillion in notionals (face amount). (As of 2015, the entire GDP of the United States was only $18 trillion.) But Goldman only has $880 billion in assets. That ratio compares to JPMorgan Chase with $2.5 trillion in assets and $50.6 trillion in derivatives and Citigroup with $1.8 trillion in assets and $51.78 trillion in derivatives.

... Dodd-Frank was signed into law on July 21, 2010. It's almost six years later and yet the OCC's report of September 30, 2016 shows that of the total derivatives held by Goldman Sachs only 24 percent are centrally cleared versus 76 percent at Goldman that remain over-the-counter. Again, that's a far higher percentage of over-the-counter contracts than at its peer banks on Wall Street.

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