"The RushCard fiasco stopped people from accessing their money to buy food and pay rent," Lauren Saunders, the associate director of the nonprofit National Consumer Law Center, said in a statement. The CFPB's action will put $10 million back in the pockets of working families struggling to make ends meet."


UniRush previously agreed in 2016 to pay $19 million in restitution to users affected by that 2015 "breakdown" after a class-action lawsuit was filed in a New York court. The CFPB's action against the company is separate, and any users who received money as a result of the class-action suit may still receive a payment now, a CFPB spokeswoman said.

UniRush made the news earlier this week, after the announcement the company was being sold to Green Dot Corp., one of the largest prepaid debit card providers in the U.S., for about $147 million. The CFPB said the timing of its action against the company was coincidental.''

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