Paulson is a top policy advisor to the incoming Trump administration and he is poised to cash out from the administration big league. Back when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taken over by the federal government, their shares were declared value-less. But speculators bought up their stock at pennies on the dollar, with the hope of pressuring the government to recapitalize the housing lenders' losses and release them back to the private market. If the shares could rise from just pennies to $30 or 40, the gains would be astronomical.

Paulson is one of the biggest investors in Fannie and Freddie stock and signs point to Trump going forward with their preferred policy. It will provide a windfall of hundreds of millions if not billions for billionaires like Paulson and Fairholme Capital Management's Bruce Berkowitz, among others. Berkowitz backed Trump and donated $125,000 to his campaign.

... his latest bet, placed on Donald Trump, might finally hit. Rather than funding groups who work to shift public opinion and pressure policymakers to make a decision that benefits him, he could instead cut out the middleman, and simply put in place staff that will do what Paulson needs.

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