Trump's health plan has been less clear, but he has mentioned "doing away with the lines" between states. This appears to mean that state regulation of health insurance -- all 50 states have their own insurance commissioners and regulation agencies -- would be done away with in favor of unified regulations. The exact coverage proposals are unclear, according to Cox.

These moves, however, cannot affect some of the other measures, such as the inability for insurers to deny people based on a preexisting condition.

"Some of the coverage aspects of the law would stay in pace," Cox said. "Gender rating where women can't be charged more than men, older people can only be charged three times more than young people, younger people can stay on their parents insurance until they're 26. Those can't be changed though reconciliation."


"Much of the act is administrative, so a new administration could simply not give it support," said Jost. "They can not put resources into outreach, discourage people from signing up for insurance through the law instead of encourage, they can dive insurers out of the market. They can cause a lot of trouble."

Could have hardly happened to a nicer stinking pile of economic-policy schlock...

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