Hungary's emphatic vote to scrap EU migrant quotas has triggered a "domino effect" of anti-refugee sentiment across eastern Europe, with the leaders of Serbia and the Czech Republic joining calls to reject migrants from the bloc on Monday.

More than 98% of Hungarians voted to scrap the Brussels-imposed quotas in Sunday night's referendum, though it failed to meet the turnout threshold and was declared invalid.

  Despite this, Viktor Orban, Hungary's hardline conservative prime minister, says he will push ahead with changing the constitution so that it is impossible for the EU to settle migrants in the country.


Now Serbia, which hopes to join the bloc in the future , has threatened to shut down its borders entirely - even if it means incurring the wrath of Brussels.


And in the Czech Republic, president Milos Zeman demanded on Monday that the hundreds of thousands of economic migrants who have arrived in Europe since the start of last year be deported.

He said they should be moved to "empty places" such as North Africa or to "uninhabited Greek islands," in an interview with the Financial Times.

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