``The results, the IMF researchers concede, have been terrible. Neoliberalism hasn't delivered economic growth -- it has only made a few people a lot better off. It causes epic crashes that leave behind human wreckage and cost billions to clean up... From the 1980s the policymaking elite has waved away the notion that they were acting ideologically -- merely doing "what works". But you can only get away with that claim if what you're doing is actually working. Since the crash, central bankers, politicians and TV correspondents have tried to reassure the public that this wheeze or those billions would do the trick and put the economy right again. They have riffled through every page in the textbook and beyond -- bank bailouts, spending cuts, wage freezes, pumping billions into financial markets -- and still growth remains anaemic.'' -- It's not just bailouts and definitely not about "free markets"; the problem lies in centralize money and banking, crony capitalism, and decidedly-unfree chimera markets that prop themselves up using the machinery (and influence) of the state. But, mere details...

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