... it has now become clear that a policy predicated on Russia's eventual willingness to abandon Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in favor of a transition of power away from his rule appears to have misjudged President Vladimir Putin's commitment to his Syrian ally.


Russian officials have portrayed the deployments as part of a new effort to fight the Islamic State, at a time when doubts are growing about the efficacy of the Obama administration's faltering strategy. U.S. plans to train a Syrian force to battle the extremist group have collapsed in ignominy, with only five fighters to show for a $500 million program. A year-long campaign of airstrikes has had no evident impact on the Islamic State's control over its core territories.

Looks to us like Russia waited for European desperation over the flood of refugees to make it's big move; now sentiment for their method of stopping ISIS -- even if it means supporting Assad -- is probably the majority.

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