``"Take just three or four men out of the `anti' group," says Hugo Salinas Price, a Mexican multi-billionaire and the man behind the monetary push, "and we could practically get a unanimous `yes' vote in both houses."''

If this is true, Salinas Price has made far more progress than we realized...

Update, 2014-07-12: The answer is, apparently, no. Here is a letter straight from Hugo Salinas Price (via Jim Willie):

hello Jim
There was a possibility that under the PAN government, the Congress might have voted for monetization of the silver ounce; however, the Central Bank was always adamantly opposed to the idea and attempted to scuttle it continuously.

At present, under the old, old PRI we are again back to square one; there is a feeling that it is now foolhardy for any businessman to criticize the government, as in the old days. Fear of reprisals, which was absent under PAN, is now back.

Any possibility of a move to silver in Mexico, at present and during this administration, which runs to 2018, is totally out of the question.

Ignore the article in question.
best wishes,Hugo

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