``There's an argument in all of those statements that goes something like this: If you're working a minimum wage job, you must be worth the minimum wage. In other words, you're really worth nothing and that's what we're going to pay you. If you didn't work hard enough to become a CEO like I did when Daddy appointed me, then you don't deserve to eat.

I'm not sure when we became a nation of greedy, hateful pigs, but I do remember a time when a business took pride in not only their workmanship, but in the fact that they were creating jobs in their community. They gave people a purpose and a living wage. It allowed a person the dignity of being self-sufficient and the security of taking care of themselves and their family. In return the company got dedication, loyalty and a product or service that others wanted to buy. Henry Ford, one of the country's biggest manufacturing icons made a point of making sure that his employees earned enough to buy a car. Today, we have Wal-Mart workers, who despite working full time are so poorly paid that they have to rely on taxpayer subsidized food stamps, welfare and Medicare totaling more than $1 million per store.''

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