``If you're applying for a loan modification, or you're in mediation, or if you've already applied for a loan modification and feel as if you're now on the Loan Modification-Go-Round, then you know that the worst part of the whole experience is the ongoing uncertainty... the feeling of not knowing what will happen tomorrow. It's a feeling that can last for months upon months... and for some has been with them for years.

Well, I can now offer you something that can help change that feeling of dread brought on by the uncertainty that's the hallmark of the loan modification process... it's called the RMBS Trust/Modification Analysis Report, and it will arm you with information not available to the general public... but it's available now through Mandelman Matters.

With this report, when your servicer says they can't do something... you'll know whether what they've said is accurate or not. Imagine the power of being able to show a mediator exactly what's been done to modify the other loans in the same trust that holds your loan.''

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