Leeb: "I have noticed for some time that the coverage for gold and China by the mainstream media are unrelentingly negative.  Last night, as an example, Bloomberg's headline was, `Chinese Imports Of Gold Fall On Lower Gold Price.'  Well, the reality is that it fell month-to-month from 104 tons to 101 tons.  China is on a path to import, just through Hong Kong, 1,200 tons of gold at this pace....

The Chinese are also going full speed ahead at moving the economy toward more consumer consumption. The head of BHP, who may know something about China, said, `We don't see much going on with China. In fact, we expect commodity demand to jump by 75% over the next 15 years.' But, again, if you read Bloomberg, reports from Fitch and others, you would think China is collapsing. Well, it's not collapsing, nor is the demand for gold collapsing.

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