``It's worth noting that these legislative changes should come as very little surprise to anyone in Nevada or elsewhere.  Earlier this year, I produced a Mandelman Matters podcast with Nevada bankruptcy and foreclosure defense attorney, Gloria Petroni titled, "Unfreezing Foreclosure in the Nevada Desert," that talked about the problematic impact of Nevada's state law, AB 281, that in 2011, essentially made foreclosing impractical, if not impossible.  And Las Vegas foreclosure defense attorney, Tisha Black Chernine, who was involved in authoring AB 281, has also weighed in on the old and new Nevada law. The banking lobby has been working diligently to amend that law since before it was passed... while Nevada homeowners, after cheering their Attorney General's courageous pro-consumer stances, have been pretty much napping since foreclosures fell off a cliff in 2011.''

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