For a closer-up look at [the gold slam] process, let's turn to Sunday night and with a resolution of about 1 second (the chart above is with 5 minute 'windows' or candles as they are called). Here I want you to see that whomever is trading in the thin overnight market and is responsible for setting the prices is not humans


There is really no chance to stand again players this large with a determination to drive prices lower. At the very least, I take the above evidence of computer assisted declines of this magnitude to be a sign that our "markets" are completely broken and quite vulnerable to a crash. That the authorities did not step in to halt these markets during such a volatile decline, when they have repeatedly stepped into other markets and individual equity shares on lesser declines, tells me much about the level of official support for such a decline.

Look ye to physical, people! Silver eagles still selling briskly over $30/oz. If you can find any.

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