It's been 10 weeks now since any 27″ iMacs have been shipped and Apple states that another 3 to 4 week delivery for those models, if you order today.

Apple states that there are "production problems" causing the delay.

Why? Based on the evidence, in my opinion there is simply not enough silver available to produce them.

The new "Iris" screens use a lot, lot more silver than the older models, including the new iPads. All the silver is going to produce the iPad 4′s which, of course, use less silver per unit. This creates the illusion that all is right except for a few "production glitches".


It doesn't take about 12 weeks these days to correct a "production `problem'", especially when Apple had already announced the launch and its sister system already rolled off the assembly line, but in limited quantities.

The only explanation I can think of for the production delay is that there is a massive shortage of silver to make the brighter screens.

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