I have in the past noted an important peculiarity of this global inflationary cycle:  Rather than the more conventional currency printing press, the Global Credit Bubble has been fueled in large part by (electronic-entry) marketable debt instruments.  This has created key advantages in terms of this cycle's durability and longevity.  For one, it has tended to isolate the greatest inflationary effects within the global securities and asset markets.  Second, this dynamic has provided policymakers with incredible power to intervene in the markets to bolster confidence and spur the ongoing inflation of financial instruments (both quantity and price).


I'll suggest, a loss of confidence in all these electronic journal entries - the global financial system more generally -- is this historic cycle's greatest vulnerability. As we witnessed not many years ago, one day everyone is so enjoying the dance party and the next they're fighting for the exits. It's a spiking the punch rather than removing the punchbowl dilemma.

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