... at $3.1 trillion the Bernanke monetary boom is already 1.6 times the size of the monetary surge that produced the Housing Boom-Bust and a whopping 4.5 times the size of the surge that gave us the Tech Boom-Bust. What's even more interesting is that the Bernanke monetary boom is still going strong. As noted above, the latest TMS2 reading shows it was sporting a 14.5% year-over year rate of increase versus the 9% and decelerating year-over-year rate seen in the 44th month of the Housing Boom-Bust cycle.


Yet, there is a real chance that the coming Bernanke Bust could pack an even bigger punch than the Housing Boom-Bust. One simple reason... A lot more monetary largesse could be in in the offing.


You might ask, what if the money supply continued to boom ad infinitum, even if that simply meant Chairman Bernanke last man standing at the printing press. Could the Bernanke Bust then be avoided? Delayed yes, avoided no. The end game in this case would be a bust too, only this one the result of an inflationary collapse of the US dollar. Indeed, the surest way to create massive economic misery is via a concerted effort by a central bank to forever expand the supply of money and credit.

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