Orlans Associates and Trott & Trott claim on thousands of documents they have filed across Michigan that both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are government agencies due to their status as a Government Sponsored Enterprises or GSEs.  Therefore, they claim any mortgage servicers assigning properties to or from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac are exempt from paying the Michigan Real Estate Transfer Tax... [But] even now in this post economic apocalypse era we live in, they are still considered private companies with the federal government... [merely placing them into conservatorship].


As my staff began looking at the dollar amounts that are owed to the state and the counties, I was shocked at the dollar amount. Given Michigan's economic problems, I was more surprised that the Michigan Department of Treasury who has a reputation for pursuing business owners for not paying state sales taxes like mafia capos, had not used their resources to collect this money.


As shocked as I was by the fact of the dollar amounts that was defrauded from Michigan tax payers, I was even more shocked by the reception I received when I approached these Registers of Deeds. The reaction was either a lack of interest because they didn't understand it or down right hostility. One County Register of Deeds in Northern Michigan called me a Communist for suggesting that banks would commit tax fraud.


Unless the Michigan Department of Treasury under the leadership of former Michigan House Speaker Andy Dillion decides to pursue this lost revenue, Michigan's School aid Fund could lose out on $200 million.

Suing the banks raises an ethical dilemma for Giarmarco, Mullins and Horton because they already represent several of the banks named in the Ingham and Branch County lawsuits.

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