As was suspected, Asian buyers (and other major interested parties wanting to get out of the dollar) cannot simply all rush directly into physical precious metals. There needs to be an intermediate step. As the KWN source describes below, apparently long-silver/gold and short-dollar transactions are being done in London to achieve the effect of getting out of dollar exposure, with the plans being to later get the physical metal in the full amounts desired.

The only way to fight it, and it can’t be done in the US, but it can over here in England (the Asians can), is to buy the foreign exchange transaction which is gold versus dollar, silver versus dollar. So essentially what you are doing is shorting the dollar versus gold, or shorting the dollar versus silver. The great thing about that is even if you can’t buy the physical, you are now indexed to the price of the metal. So even if you can’t get the physical at that time, you now have your hedge, you essentially have what you want.

So if the price of gold and silver goes up, the price of your spot goes up. Even if the Comex defaults, spot will go up. Even when the market is taken down, it is constructive in terms of filling your physical orders. As they take the price down, you are happy to pay a premium to pick up the physical. The point of all of these purchases is to eventually convert them to physical gold, or physical silver, 100% of them. The Fed has to know this, they are not stupid.

“If these guys converted all of their spot to physical, there would be a massive default today. No one in the US understands that, the Asians are laughing at these guys. It’s a way to unload billions and billions of dollars into the market. Looking at the futures market gives you a totally false impression of what is going on, this is going to totally blow up. Remember if you are China, your primary goal is to get out of trillions of dollars, that means purchasing hard assets such as gold and silver.”

“It’s eventually going to blow because at some point these buyers will say, `I’m indexed, but I actually want to get all of this physical gold and silver now.’ When that happens, the game is over.”

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