Robert Feinberg, who worked in the Countrywide's VIP section, told congressional investigators last month that the two senators were made aware that "who you know is basically how you're coming in here."


Countrywide VIPs, Feinberg told the committees, received discounts on rates, fees and points. Dodd received a break when Countrywide counted both his Connecticut and Washington homes as primary owner-occupied residences—a fiction, according to Feinberg. Conrad received a type of commercial loan that he was told Countrywide didn't offer.

Gee I don't know. This Feinberg guy seems like he could be lying -- everyone knows that Chris Dodd can teleport himself and appear to be in two locations at once, hence having two "primary" residences.

There is more:

Two internal Countrywide documents in Dodd's case and one in Conrad's appear to contradict their statements about what they knew about their VIP loans...

The documents had separate columns: one showing points "actl chrgd" Dodd—zero; and a second column showing "policy" was to charge .250 points on one loan and .375 points on the other. Another heading on the documents said "reasons for override." A notation under that heading identified a Countrywide section that approved the policy change for Dodd.

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