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Implode-Explode Heavy Industries, Inc. ("IEHI") is was founded by Aaron Krowne (PlanetMath, ml-implode) and joined early on by Justin Owings (autoDogmatic founder). The product is high-quality indepdent information & analysis critical of the econo-political powers-that-be—something sorely lacking from the mainstream media and of course the usual propaganda channels (governmental or otherwise).

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From Lawrence Yun to Tim Geithner, Warren Buffett to Ben Bernanke—you hear what they want you to hear... which is just enough to set you up to be their "greater fool". IEHI aims to do something about that.

We are anti-elitists. We don't believe in lying to regular folks to protect them from themselves or anyone else. That is how many like the above will justify their words and actions. But what has that got us so far? Dumber and deeper in debt, that's what. And them? Richer and more powerful—and less accountable—than ever before.

Enough is enough. Implode their fictitious world—all you have to do is look behind the curtain. Join us... and free your mind.



Note, Spring 2010: Justin has left IEHI to go work for Google. We wish him luck!