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The insider... said the situation was much more serious than the Labour data suggested...

"The Kiwis, South Africans and British have dropped out of the market because they just can't compete with the Chinese. The people living in China buy the places the Kiwis are trying to get, then those places are rented out the next day," the insider said.

"They simply don't care how much they pay. It's not related to the CV. If they pay another $400,000 more, that's $400,000 they're better off as it's $400,000 they have shifted out of Mainland China. If they continue vacuuming up all the existing properties at the current rate of consumption, what will that do? The Chinese will outbid everyone at the auction. I'm sick of the phone bidder from Guangzhou. I'm relieved that someone at last is talking about this," the insider said of Twyford's data.

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