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But there's an exception: if you're part of one of 28 U.S. government-appointed trade advisory committees providing advice to the U.S. negotiators. The committees with the most access to what's going on in the negotiations are 16 "Industry Trade Advisory Committees," whose members include AT&T, General Electric, Apple, Dow Chemical, Nike, Walmart and the American Petroleum Institute.

iehi-feed-56705 Thu, 14 May 2015 15:12:40 GMT Has US Caved on Ukraine? (The Saker) iehi-feed-56693 Tue, 12 May 2015 13:59:04 GMT Greece's 'war cabinet' prepares to battle EU creditors as anger mounts We have agreed on a tougher strategy to stop making compromises. We were unified and we have a spring our step once again," said one participant... [meanwhile] Greece's mayors warned over the weekend that they would not release any more funds to the central government. The Greek finance ministry must pay the International Monetary Fund €750m (£544m) on Tuesday, the first of an escalating set of deadlines running into August.

It is understood that US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew told the Greeks that they would be "dropped like a stone" if they played this game [of taking money from and conciliating with the Russians]...

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