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1. China allows 3 more banks including StanChart to import gold -sources. Note that grabbing pricing power and avoiding manipulation are now discussed in cleartext:

China has allowed three more banks, including a foreign lender, to import gold, sources with direct knowledge of the matter said, as the world's top gold buyer gears up for its strongest effort yet to gain pricing power of the metal.]


China and other Asian gold trading centres such as Singapore are calling for more localised pricing of the precious metal as they seek alternatives to the so-called London fix, the global benchmark for spot gold prices, which is being investigated by regulators on suspicion that it may have been manipulated.

2. Koos Jansen: East Asia Geared Up For RMB Gold Trading:

In comparison, on the COMEX the weekly volume was 2,092 tonnes and it's estimated that in the London Bullion Market 25,000 tonnes are being traded weekly. But will the western paper markets be able to stay in the driver's seat of the gold market? We know China is developing it's market infrastructure not only for physical gold trade, but also to expand paper trading to steal pricing power from the dominant forces in the West and to promote the internationalization of the renminbi.

Bloomberg recently reported the SGE will launch gold trading in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ) on September 26. From what was disclosed previously by the SGE this will likely be a gold-backed spot contract traded through the SGE's subsidiary the Shanghai International Gold Trading Center. The next step would be the launch of gold derivatives. According to Bloomberg the FTZ hosts a vault capable of storing 1,500 tonnes of gold. If this vault is in addition to the 2,000 tonnes vault opened in the FTZ by precious metals transportation and storage company Malca-Amit I do not know. Approximately at the same time as the SGE's international board will go live, the kilobar gold contract will be launched in Singapore.

The SGE international board will allow investors worldwide to trade gold in renminbi, which undoubtedly will lead to higher trade volumes on the SGE. The gold industry is fully prepared in East Asia for what might be a pricing shift, following the great physical shift of recent years

iehi-feed-54730 Sun, 17 Aug 2014 14:54:13 GMT Beyond Ride-Sharing: Apps to Solve Life's Problems Could the Uber/Lyft business model be applied to other areas of daily life? Or improved upon?... The ride-sharing model could be useful in many other settings. You suddenly find out that you're going to be working late, so why not rent out your apartment to tourists for the next 12 hours? They can crash at your place until midnight, then stay up all night riding the Staten Island Ferry. Or summon an Uber driver to give them a witching-hour tour of San Francisco--maybe even hire a driver from KangaShare to take them all the way back home to Abilene. Beats hotels and hostels any day of the week.

While this piece is mostly jokey, we think the prospect is very real, and very significant. What is really going on is that the "conventional" economy of business and finance are so gummed up -- effectively-centralized, and now broken-down, that they are failing to meet people's everyday survival needs (this is related to the decades-long deterioration of real incomes to below a "living wage" level). Now, there is huge pressure to find ways to "capitalize" (and monetize) various under-used "assets" people have -- from small amounts of actual cash (through P2P lending, startup financing, etc.) to actual physical assets (such as houses or apartments, with spare time and space). This usually takes an online, P2P form, as that cuts out the greedy and all-controlling middlemen (government, corporations, and finance) and allows buyers and sellers (or "use partners") to more efficiently find each other. In essence, a conflict of interest is removed, as those aforementioned middlemen would never match these two P2P parties, as it would entail a loss of business for themselves.

And thus we have a resurrected (but now-digital) "bazaar" economy, where small buyers and sellers can once again efficiently come together, as they were able to do throughout the majority of human history, until approximately the late 19th-century.

iehi-feed-54696 Wed, 13 Aug 2014 22:41:11 GMT El Gringo Bandito David Trott Hangs Up His Foreclosure Sombrero iehi-feed-54678 Wed, 13 Aug 2014 14:11:10 GMT Fannie Mae Is Coming To Get You Barbara! iehi-feed-54666 Mon, 11 Aug 2014 23:55:43 GMT Former Clients Of John M. Schwarz Demand Action From NY AG & State Bar