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The success by two outsider candidates dealt a remarkable rebuke to the political establishment, and left the race deeply unsettled.


With close to half the precincts reporting, Mr. Trump had received almost 34 percent of the vote, and Mr. Sanders approached 60 percent.

The win for Mr. Sanders amounted to a powerful and painful rejection of Hillary Clinton, who has deep history with New Hampshire voters and offered policy ideas that seemed to reflect the flinty, moderate politics of the state. But Mr. Sanders, who has proposed an emphatically liberal agenda to raise taxes and impose regulations on Wall Street, drew support from a wide cross-section of voters, even edging her out among women, boosted by his appeal to younger women.

... the wave of support for both men was nonetheless stunning to leaders of both parties who believed that in the end, voters would embrace more experienced candidates like Mrs. Clinton or one of the Republican governors in the race. Yet the two men won significant support from voters who felt betrayed by their parties and were dissatisfied or angry with the federal government.

... Mr. Trump's candidacy, in particular, represents a hostile takeover of a party to which he has scant ties. Leveraging celebrity and a ubiquitous presence across both traditional and social media, Mr. Trump has embraced a style of populism on trade, foreign policy and immigration closer to the European nationalist parties than to American conservatism. He has never held elected office and was not even a registered Republican this time four years ago.


The unaffiliated New Hampshire voters who participated in both party primaries, and who supported Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders in sizable numbers, appear to have found those candidates' anti-establishment messages to be an asset.

... New Hampshire's Republican leaders, who jealously guard their first-in-the-nation status, were as perplexed as they were horrified.

"By name, I only know five people supporting Donald Trump," John H. Sununu, a former governor, said Tuesday. "So I say I cannot understand this electorate."

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Taken together, all of this feels a little "stagflation-y" because it suggests the economy could get the job and wage gains we've been waiting for, but in a way that's bad for the stock market and the overall economy. If that dynamic deepens, Yellen will have no easy policy prescriptions...

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